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China's wood chip processing market is expanding rapidly, with an annual growth rate of about 10% [2019-07-30]

China's wood chip processing market has the following characteristics:

First, the sales scale of the wood chip market has expanded rapidly in recent years, with an annual growth rate of about 10%;

Four development trends of 2019 whole wood furniture and custom furniture [2019-04-13]

Under the challenges of increasingly cruel supply-side competition environment and increasingly diverse consumer-side demand aesthetics, furniture people especially look forward to the Guangdong Sanzhan in the spring of 2019 to bring new development ideas to the industry.

Dry goods! Talk about the maintenance of CNC opener again [2019-03-22]
Today will be dry goods! I hope everyone can read it carefully so that your machine can do more with less. First of all, the operator needs to undergo pre-job training and be skilled in the operation of the CNC machine, whether it is the structure of the machine, the scope of use, or the technical specifications of the machine, and what it is necessary to observe ...
Jinan Zhongke CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Exhibiting Plan in the First Half of 2019 [2019-02-25]

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane updated Jinan Zhongke CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. I wish all customers a happy year of the pig. Jinan Zhongke CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.'s participation plan for the first half of 2019 is as follows. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide.

Commonly used board furniture production line equipment, making cabinets, wardrobes, tatami and other equipment needed for whole house customization [2018-12-26]

Come to the factory to inspect the CNC cutting machine, friends of the whole house custom CNC cutting machine , often ask the equipment used, can ...

What kinds of equipment are needed to make custom furniture for the whole house [2018-11-07]

What kind of equipment do you need to make custom furniture for the whole house

Panel furniture production line equipment (for cabinet opening): software for Yunxi or Dayi

What parts of the four-step woodworking feeder are fast? [2018-11-07]

Four process woodworking feeders for fast accessories

& nb ...

Panel furniture opener: bending performance of various woods [2018-07-09]

When we are making panel furniture, we will encounter some wood that needs to be bent. First of all, let us understand the wood bending performance.

The bending properties of different species of wood vary widely, even for the same ...

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