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Jinan Zhongke CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of CNC equipment in China. Mainly engaged in the research and development of CNC machining centers, panel furniture feeders , CNC feeders , cabinet door machining centers, disc tool change machining centers, quartz stone machining centers, Polyron machining centers, and five-axis machining centers. Production, marketing and service, providing customers around the world with CNC machining equipment, services and customized solutions in the industrial field, realizing potential growth for customers and continuing to create long-term value for customers. Relying on the spirit of striving, forging ahead, sharing the results, the tenet of credibility guarantee, service-oriented service, it has steadily moved forward and continued development.
As a professional manufacturer of numerical control equipment in China, we wholeheartedly provide customers with good after-sales service, including product design, product installation, product training, product maintenance, etc .; provide customers with technology, reliable products and complete technical solutions. Customer satisfaction is our service purpose ...

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National Hotline Service:

What do the customers need to prepare in the cabinet when the cabinet is opened?

Many customers have such a problem. What equipment do I need to open the material? Is it only the CNC opener?

Zhongke CNC Summary: Common Control System of CNC Feeder

At present , the mainstream of the CNC system of the feeder is the new generation system, Weihong system plus Delta or Yaskawa servo, this group ...

What panel furniture equipment can be provided by Zhongke CNC opener

Panel furniture production line equipment for cabinets generally requires:


These advantages of panel furniture determine its growing popularity

Advantages of panel furniture

(1) The panel furniture can make full use of the board without waste of materials. As long as it is processed through a certain industry, it can reduce the waste of wood, which will be large ...

What is the difference between CNC opener and engraving machine

Since the era of Industry 4.0, "customization" has become a word often mentioned in the circle, and the popularity of furniture customization has created several ...

Solution to chipping edge of plate opened by CNC opener

We often encounter a problem when using NC opener to process plates-the processed plates collapse ...

What are the unique advantages of custom furniture CNC openers?

With the opportunity of Made in China 2025, and the wave of reform of the furniture industry in the new era and new furniture, panel furniture occupies a huge market in the furniture industry. The core configuration advantages of intelligent custom panel furniture production line and Zhongke CNC opener

Core configuration of CNC cutting machine :